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Brave Browser Files Complaint Against Google for User Data Practices




Brave browser has filed privacy complaints in Ireland and Britain against Google.

This is according to a report on Reuters.

Brave is an open-source blockchain-anchored browser, which blocks ads and website trackers. The browser is made to augment online privacy by sharing less personal data with advertising clients, yet focusing on web ads by assessing anonymized user browsing behavior.

The complaint claimed that Google and the advertising technology (adtech) industry practice “wide-scale and systematic breaches of the data protection regime” in the way they release personalized online ads.

The complaint explained that while a user is visiting a website, “tens or hundreds” of firms receive their personal data to place ads without letting users know that their data is being shared.

Thus, the plaintiffs are trying to activate provisions in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which would mandate a European Union (E.U.) investigation into Google’s data collection practices. The GDPR is geared to guarantee that individuals have more control over their personal data within the E.U., as well as tackling the export of personal data outside the union.

Johnny Ryan, Brave’s chief policy officer, was quoted as saying:

“There is a massive and systematic data breach at the heart of the behavioral advertising industry. Despite the two-year lead-in period before the GDPR, adtech companies have failed to comply.”

While the grievance claimed that Google is breaching the GDPR’s requirement for personal data collection and distribution, Google has applied strong privacy protections under consultation with E.U. regulators to be in line with the regulations.

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