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Dash Nation on Discord Renewal



  • Tao of Satochi is an influencer specialized in Cryptocurrencies especially in DASH.
  • Tao of Satochi has a Youtube Channel named: Cash Alternative TV. This Channel is mostly talking about the DASH cryptocurrency.
  • Tao of Satochi is the owner of a discord server named Cash Alternative TV. This Channel is mostly talking about the DASH cryptocurrency.
  • Tao of Satochi has a twitter account dedicated to cryptocurrency.
  • Tao of Satochi is a Dash specialist – He wrote numerous articles about DASH.
  • In total, he got more than a 10 000 people whose following him.

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               Dash Nation on Discord Renewal

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  2. OWNER 



OWNER TaoOfSatoshi
SECTOR Social Media
PROPOSAL Dash Nation on Discord Renewal


                  2.1 Owner presentation

Name: TaoOfSatoshi







  • Tao of Satochi is an influencer specialized in Cryptocurrencies especially in DASH.


  •  Tao of Satochi has a Youtube Channel named: Cash Alternative TV. This Channel is mostly talking about the DASH cryptocurrency


  • Tao of Satochi is the owner of a discord server named: Dash Nation


  • Tao of Satochi has a twitter account dedicated to cryptocurrency.


  • Tao of Satochi is a Dash specialist – He wrote numerous articles about DASH.


  • In total, he got more than a 10 000 people whose following him.
Links Youtube:



 2.2 Owner history and track record


Tao of Satochi is an influencer who is specialized in cryptocurrency. Tao of Satochi has a youtube channel named: Cash Alternative TV. As you can guess this youtube channel is only talking about cryptocurrency and especially DASH. In his channel, he is explaining the way DASH works and he also makes some interviews with DASH members such as Edward from Dash. Red or the Director of Business Development for the Dash Core Team, Bradley Zastrow. He is close to his community and his channel is active, about 3 videos per month for a total of 52 videos since the channel started.

His Youtube channel counts 1 553 subscribers as of August 23rd.

He is the owner of a Discord server which is called Dash Nation which counts 5 179 members.

He is also the founder of the Dash Nation movement.

He wrote about thirty articles on the Dash Nation website.

He has been doing the role of community builder since he began in Dash. He started his popular Twitter account as the Dash Dalmatian and wrote articles for Dash.

Recently, he started doing videos for Dash on his YouTube channel, Cash Alternative TV, and he changed his Twitter account to that name. In addition, he founded the Dash Nation concept of everyone contributing with their strengths to help move Dash forward. To that end, he founded Dash Nation Slack where people can communicate, contribute, and hang out in a semi-professional atmosphere. As for being a Masternode owner, he is involved in the Masternode network, and he created the helpful TAO’S MASTERNODE GUIDE FOR DUMMIES, so others can set up a masternode on their own.


3. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY SUMMARY                                    


Tao of Satochi is the founder of Dash Nation. Dash Nation Slack was a platform where people who were interested in DASH cryptocurrency, the “Dashers”, could talk, exchanged opinions, hang out, collaborate. This platform was opened to anyone and a huge problem quickly occurred on the platform as the community was growing up. As a matter of fact, the platform did not want to cater the communities, even those who worked well, and without any type of moderation tools, a lot of spammers and scammers came on the platform.

In consequences, Tao of Satochi decided on October 18th, 2017 to move Dash Nation to his now permanent home, the discord platform. Discord is a free and very popular platform, which was first dedicated to gamers, but then had extended to many communities. Discord allows anyone to create a server that users can join freely, basically, it is a chat group where people can talk about a precise subject.

So, Dash Nation is now thriving on Discord. There are 3 good reasons why Tao of Satochi chose Discord for Dash Nation:

  • On Discord, the moderation tools are more efficient to deal with problems.
  • Discord caters to the communities.
  • Discord offers its platform free of charge.

So now on discord, you can join the Dash Nation community that counts more than 5 000 members passionate by DASH. There are many subjects you talk about on Dash Nation.

Some stats about Dash Nation on Discord:

– Members: 5179

– Categories: 17 (General Chat, Markets, Development, Dash Projects, Proposal discussion and more)

– Dash proposals that communicate and collaborate on Dash Nation: 21 known



a- Goals

This objective of this proposal is to have a renewal funding for Tao of Satochi and his team to continue offering a steady collaboration and communication platform with the Dash Nation on Discord channel, as well as assuming moderator duties in other areas such as Reddit and Dash Forum.


To make sure that no problems will happen again on Dash Nation, Tao of Satochi devised a list of simple rules (detailed below in “how it works”) that needs to be in place to have a respectful, semi-professional environment that would be very open and receptive to newcomers.


Because of all his experiences with DASH (Articles, YouTube channel, Forums, twitter account …) Tao of Satochi seems to be the perfect person to manage and moderate a discord channel about DASH and to represent DASH among the communities.

Tao of Satochi makes sure to treat everyone with fairness on Dash Nation. Rules are applied to everyone, including himself and the moderation team.

Tao of Satochi is also looking for a little funding to be actively engaged in tipping for valuable contributions to Dash Nation on Discord. The objective is to devise this budget between the moderators, so they can distribute it in due course.


c-How it works

Anyone can join the group chat Dash Nation on Discord and talks to the whole community about DASH. The chat group is exclusively in English and therefore allows anyone that speaks English to join the group. All you need is to have a discord account and accept the rules and expectations.



There are some simple rules to respect in the chat group to make sure that the chat remains as professional as possible:

  • Treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • Do not use profanity.
  • Do not attempt to pass unproven speculation as fact.
  • Soliciting via Direct Messaging is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not post personal advertising.
  • Respect the specialized channels.

To make sure that these rules are respected, the chat group needs moderators. The roles of a moderator are to temporary or definitely ban from the chat group people who don’t respect rules, they need to be aware of anything that is posted.

As mentioned above, this is not an easy task to moderate a chat, especially a chat with more than 5 000 members.



d-The Scope

Anyone from any country can join the chat group on Discord and talk freely as long as they respect the rules.


e-Benefits for DASH

Dash Nation on Discord allows the Dash to have more visibility and allows people to talk to each other about DASH. Therefore, everyone is doing an advertisement for DASH for free. Anyone can join the group chat, beginners in the cryptocurrency market can get information and understand more the way DASH works to become potential users of DASH. Expert in cryptocurrencies can explain to the new ones and give their expertise.

The community is growing day by day, the chat group is online 24/24, 7 days a week and is opened to anyone from all over the world. The outcome may be very positive for the Dash community.





Monthly amount:  21 Dash (2957 USD)
Completed payments:  3 totaling in 63 DASH (2 months remaining)
Total  105 Dash



Payment type: One-time payment
Start date: 19th May 2018
End date:   15th October 2018
Final voting:   August 30th, 2018


 Financial needs:

Reimbursement of proposal fee: 1 Dash

Tao Of Satoshi Discord, Reddit and Dash Forum moderation and community engagement services: 15 Dash

Engagement (tipping) budget: 3 Dash

Miscellaneous (hiring new moderators, possible Discord collaborations) 2 Dash

  • Total monthly amount: 21 Dash

Conclusion: The budget is quite clear but there’s not enough data about the moderator’s duties and duties description.




                                                                                                                                                                                     As of August 23rd, 2018




There are not really competitors for a chat group, but we can say that other chatgroups for other cryptocurrencies can be competitors in the sense that people will probably join and talk in one chatgroup and not in every chat group they are part of. So to make sure that people stay in one group chat this one must be well maintained.

A lot of chat groups are specialized in cryptocurrencies on Discord for example “crytopolis” is a server that counts 1 594 members who are talking about Bitcoin.

Upsides Downsides
  • Tao of Satochi is the owner of the “Dash Nation” on discord, Tao of Satochi know how works discord and how to create a community.


  • Tao of Satochi already have a big community, more than 5 000 people already joined the discovery server.


  • Dash Nation is running on a very popular platform which counts 87 millions of people registered.


  • Tao of Satochi is a DASH specialist knows a lot about cryptocurrencies and particularly about DASH. He wrote several articles about DASH and made a lot of videos on the same subject.


  • The project can allow DASH to have big visibility towards the chat group where beginners in the cryptocurrency can talk with professional about DASH.  So, It increases the notoriety and potentially the use of DASH.


  • Tao of Satochi already had some expertise with DASH, so he knows a lot about it and we can trust him to make sure that no fake information will be posted on the chat group.


  • The budget is pretty clear.


  • Requiring low investment.
  • The project could have been more detailed in overall especially the benefits for DASH.





SWOT Analysis:


Internal origin Strengths Weaknesses
The discord servers Dash Nation allows DASH to have a lot of visibility and the server allows anyone to join beginners as an expert of cryptocurrency.
Tao of Satochi is a great moderator because he has a lot of experience in DASH.
We can’t be sure about the effectiveness of this project.
External origin Opportunities Threats
The project can be extended to other forums to get the biggest DASH community as possible. Other chatgroup on discord or elsewhere which are talking about another cryptocurrency.


To conclude, we believe that this project will allow the DASH to have more visibility and become more popular.

Tao of Satochi seems to have a lot of experiences with DASH and also a lot of experiences on how to manage a community, knowing the fact that he has a Youtube channel and already manage a Discord server.

Let’s not forget that this project requires a low barrier to entry.


We conclude then that there’s a great potential in this investment opportunity.




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This document is communicated for information purposes only and It should not be construed as an offer or solicitation with respect to the investment or disinvestment. This document is based on carefully selected public information. However, no representation, warranty or undertaking, express or implied, is made to the recipients of this document as to or in relation to the accuracy or completeness or otherwise of this document or as to the reasonableness of any assumption contained in this document. In addition, any view, opinion or other information provided herein is indicative.

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