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Dash, The Cash Cow Of Crypto



Although being based on the Bitcoin software, Dash aims to solve the main problems and limitations characterizing Bitcoin.

In fact, the “next-generation” cryptocurrency presents many improvements to the bitcoin technology in a matter of transaction speed, privacy, and governance, which grants it the legitimacy of its name “Digital cash”, for all the similarities that it shares with physical cash in that sense.

Dash features and improvements have made from this cryptocurrency a payment-focused.



I. What is Dash?

Although being based on the Bitcoin software, Dash aims to solve the main problems and limitations characterizing Bitcoin.

In fact, the “next-generation” cryptocurrency presents many improvements to the bitcoin technology in a matter of transaction speed, privacy, and governance, which grants it the legitimacy of its name “Digital cash”, for all the similarities that it shares with physical cash in that sense.

Dash features and improvements have made from this cryptocurrency a payment-focused.


II. Why Was Dash Created?

Dash was created four years ago on 18 January 2014 by its developer Evan Duffield.

Dash was originally released as XCoin (XCO). In February 2014, the name was changed to “Darkcoin”.  And on 25 March 2015, Darkcoin was rebranded as “Dash”.

Evan Duffield came across Bitcoin in 2010 and was impressed by its technology. But he soon realized that Bitcoin was not private and fast enough.

He had many ideas on how to make Bitcoin anonymous, but he knew that Bitcoin’s core developers wouldn’t allow him to do so, as the core’s code would need to be changed for this.

So to change this primary drawback of Bitcoin, Evan decided to use Bitcoin’s core code and build his own cryptocurrency- this is what we know of today as Dash.


III. Why Investing On Dash?

In simple terms, here are the main features of Dash :

  • Private send

With Bitcoin, transactions are published to the blockchain and you can prove who made them or to whom, but with Dash, the anonymization technology makes it impossible to be trackable. Payments are private and no one can then track the transactions or Identify the owner. This feature known as Private Send lets technically the user send his funds privately by utilizing a mixing protocol between several other transactions, which makes it very hard/impossible to identify information about every single transaction. This feature is optional, meaning that the user can choose to apply it, and if so the max amount of the transaction should not exceed 1000 Dash.


  • Instant Send

An option that allows the user to perform Dash transactions instantly (within 1.5 seconds).

It also solves the double-spending issue; the instant confirmation of the transaction makes it impossible to use the same coin more than once. While this option is not automatic nor mandatory, Dash has an average confirmation time of about 2.5 minutes compared to Bitcoin’s average of about 10 minutes.


  • Very Low Fees

 Compared to Bitcoin’s average and median transaction fees, $1.62 and $0.36 respectively, Dash’s are $0.38 and $0.01.


  • A Revenue Sharing Model

One of Dash’s most unique features is its Masternode system. In fact, Dash comes with a tier-2 infrastructure, called Masternodes, that enables the special features such as instant send, in addition to forming a decentralized governance system by participating through their votes rights in the budget allocation.

Technically, anyone with a server can become a Masternode, as long as the following conditions are satisfied :

  • 1000 Dash: A Masternode should prove the ownership of 1000 Dash, and have constantly a balance of at least 1000 dash. A Masternode can still use the 1000 dash and spend them, once his balance drops below that amount, the Masternode simply loses the eligibility of being in the Masternode network along with his votes rights.


  • A server or a VPS installed with Linux: This can be obtained for a not more than 5 USD for instance.


  • A dedicated IP address: which generally comes with a VPS/server.

The incentives behind running Masternodes are found in the block reward program; they, in fact, receive 45% of the new mined blocks rewards, while the miners get 45%, the 10% left being used to fund Dash-related projects via the decentralized budget system.

In addition to that, Masternodes acquire 1 vote right that allows them to participate in the decentralized governance system and vote on the different treasury decisions to fund the projects that aim to develop the currency and guarantees the future directions.

Masternodes can be seen as the layer that protects and participate in the Dash evolution, in comparison to the miners who are simple nodes that don’t necessarily care for the currency future.


  • Dash’s Acceptance is Growing

As awareness surrounding Dash grows, so too does the number of merchants accepting it. is a great resource for finding merchants that condone Dash payments, and currently lists over a thousand vendors worldwide. Through strategic targeting of both mainstream and untapped markets, Dash can now be used in a huge variety of venues—from Apple’s App Store to small-time merchants in nations like Venezuela.


IVSome Key Figures

Release Date 18 April 2014
Circulating Supply* 8 253 224 DASH
Maximum Supply** 18 900 000 DASH
Privacy Yes, optional
Blockchain Protocol Proof of Work
Transaction Fee 0.0002 Dash /kB-avg
Algorithm X11
Blocks Time 2.5 minutes
Scalable Yes
Rank 14th
Market Cap*** $1 388 210 033
Price*** $168,20

As per

*   Current number of coins produced and circulating in the market

** Maximum number of coins that will ever exist.

*** As of 12, August 2018


At present, the circulating supply of Dash is 8.2 million, and it will reach 18 million in the year 2300.

Dash has a variable block reward which decreases at a 7.1 % rate each year. The average block mining time is 2.5 minutes on the Dash blockchain, which makes it four times faster than Bitcoin.


V. Evolution of DASH

  • Evolution Since Its Launch As of 12, August 2018



  • Since its inception, Dash has been one of the world’s most successful cryptocurrencies. As of the publication of this paper, it has a market cap of just under $1,4 billion, making it the 14th most valuable cryptocurrency out of over 1,800 in total.


  • The Dash price in February 2014 was $ 0.02 and after that, it has grown at +10,00,000% rate. And since last December of 2016, it has increased more than +1500% from its per unit price of $11.


  • Though it has competitors, like Monero and PIVX, Dash is more flexible and ready to use, and it has a really solid infrastructure. All this sets Dash apart from the crowd and makes it a promising currency worthy of investment.


VI. How to Buy Dash?

Here are the primary ways to purchase and invest in Dash.

  • Crypto Exchanges: Most crypto exchanges trade Dash. The official altcoin website has the full list of exchanges –org/exchanges– However, bear in mind that all exchanges have equal trading volume, and for maximum liquidity, you should opt for those that have higher trading volumes. You can check which exchanges have the greatest Dash trading volume on


  • Direct Purchases: Most crypto exchanges require you to already own major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in order to buy Dash. Nevertheless, some exchanges—including Bitfinex, Wex, and Kraken—do allow you to buy Dash with fiat currencies.

If you prefer not to use an exchange, websites such as Wall of Coins and Changelly allow you to buy Dash using various forms of fiat currencies. Services like ShakePay, Wirex, and Spectrocoin offer Dash Debit Cards that can be topped up using fiat currencies as well.


  • ATMs : Bitcoin ATMs are increasingly popular, and many of them also support Dash. Depending on your geographical location, there may be a Bitcoin ATM that supports Dash near you. The easiest way for you to check is to go to Coin ATM Radar and use the checkbox in the map to see which ones offer Dash support.


  • Indirect Purchases: If you want to hold Dash directly in your portfolio, then any of the above three methods are good. However, if you only intend to obtain portfolio exposure to Dash, then an indirect method works just as well and may be more convenient. You can do this by investing in companies that have invested in the Dash network. Neptune Dash, for example, runs revenue-generating Dash Masternodes, meaning that the company owns Dash tokens and obtains cash flow.

If you’re a merchant who wants to integrate Dash as a payment method, you can do so by signing up with one of the payment processors listed on

VI. CryptalDash

CryptalDash is a robust crypto exchange and trading platform equipped with institutional grade matching engine and third-party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities. All under one dashboard, enabling a seamless trading experience.


  • How Does It work?

CryptalDash not only can do cross trade Crypto Assets locally but can also trade cross-platform which allows finding the right price.

This Platform has a matching machine of the advanced. CryptalDash is the exchange of currency that is reliable and easy to use. Because it has the ability of integration to the stock exchange of crypto third party.

This allows the user to do trading smoothly between several exchanges at once and open up opportunities to find the right price (arbitrage).

CryptalDash offers interface single access of leading and tools that are sophisticated users of crypto and institutional traders. This Platform uses cutting-edge Technology advanced & Premium Service, such as Open API, Contract Smart, The Big Book Distributed, Digital signatures, Recording advanced and accurate, etc…


  • Why Join CryptalDash?

Because the platform brings a  real Added Value to the Users by Providing:

  • Institutional grade trading platform and state of the art matching engine, Aggregating retail, and institutional liquidity pools.


  • Useful applications that will influence technology adoption rates, with tools and technologies to effectively integrate various platforms into one intuitive, familiar interface, tools for cross-platform, real-time execution.


  • Artificial intelligence tools to support the decision-making process with data encryption and security. The users will benefit from a near-perfect market, where the fees are low, money utilization is optimized, and the solutions are constantly up-to-date.


  • Program Lifetime Membership, which is a program that is intended for accounts that have more than 1,000,000 CRD


  • Services Trade & Exchange


  • Trading costs 0.10% or 0.03% if paid with tokens CRD



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