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Ethereum DApp Browser MetaMask to Introduce Mobile App Version




The mobile app of the most-downloaded Ethereum Chrome browser extension MetaMask was shown during Ethereum’s annual Devcon conference.

This is according to a tweet from the CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin.

Lubin, whose New York-based Ethereum blockchain software company and incubator ConsenSys has been developing MetaMask since 2016, said in the tweet:

“Everyone’s favorite Ethereum browser extension is coming to your phone. The team is focusing on not being ‘just a wallet,’ but a portal to the world of all things blockchain.”

MetaMask, an extension accessible for Chrome, Firefox and Brave with more than a million downloads in Google’s Chrome Web Store, lets users run Ethereum decentralized applications (DApps) on their browser. The extension also functions as a web-based non-custodial wallet for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

Also at Devcon4, the Ethereum developer that co-authored the ERC-20 token standard, Fabian Vogelsteller, launched a new model for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), dubbed “reversible ICO,” which is looking to offer improved services to protect investors.

The same day as MetaMask’s notice, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made a keynote speech at the event, presenting the roadmap for Ethereum 2.0, also called Serenity. When queried about the specific release date, Buterin was non-committal but said that it was “really not so far away.”

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