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Federal Officials Storm Tech Center for Unsanctioned Crypto Trading




Federal agencies of the United States have reportedly stormed the office of a science and tech facility during a crypto-related investigation.

This is according to news outlet Wood-TV.

Chris Boden, the man behind The Geek Group, issued a public statement on YouTube last weekend, which has since been removed. Boden claimed the office of his tech-oriented, non-profit company had been raided by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on December 21, adding that computers and other equipment were confiscated.

Boden also expressed he was “commercially trading in crypto-currency [sic] without the proper authorization.”

The founder also relayed that he is facing federal prison time and legal expenses amounting to $100,000.

Boden expressed on Facebook that he would be writing a live public statement in an open Google Doc, which by press time said:

“On the advice of legal council I will not comment further on the Government’s ongoing investigation.”

Just last month, the CEO of Romania’s largest crypto exchange Coinflux was arrested on a warrant from the U.S. for charges of fraud, organized crime and money laundering.

Then in August of last year, South Korean police also stormed the office of a local firm whose supposed crypto scam pledged investors the rewards of a Russian warship that sunk deep into the ocean.

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