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Gab Using Square’s Cash App After Claiming Coinbase Froze Its Account




Much talked about social media site Gab is now utilizing the Cash App from payments firm Square to conduct transactions and receive Bitcoin (BTC) donations.

The company’s official Twitter made the announcement.

Established in 2016, Gab is a social network that touts itself as a haven for uncensored speech online. It has incited notoriety because of the perception that it functions as an “echo chamber” for “extremist,” alt- or far-right views — many of whose advocates have been prohibited from networks such as Twitter and Facebook on the grounds of their supposed violations of these platforms’ rules on hate speech.

From a broader viewpoint, Gab targets a user base of libertarian, nationalist, populist or conservative leanings — or anyone who opposes the content filtration, anti-disinformation, and data harvesting means that are being implemented by by mainstream platforms, or “Big Tech.” The Gab app has notably been banned both by the Apple and Google App stores.

Earlier this month, the personal Coinbase account of Gab co-founder Andrew Torba was also terminated, driving the company to tweet in support of decentralized exchanges as the primary means of safeguarding censorship-resistant money.

The social media site has used its Twitter handle a number of times to endorse cryptocurrency as the route to “freedom from central banks, financial censorship, and a rigged financial system,” staging its support of crypto innovation as one of the firm’s three pillars — these being unapologetic maximalism in regard to free speech, Bitcoin and freedom.

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