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ICO Market Has Already Doubled – Study




The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market has grown by more than two-fold in a year’s time according to ICORating’s ICO market report for the the second quarter of 2018.

ICORating is an independent rating group that does independent analytical studies that assesses ICOs and the ICO market.

According to the study, ICOs in 2018 have already raised more than $11 billion in investments, a number which it purports is ten times larger than the sum of investments from ICOs in Q1-2 2017. ICORating also disclosed that in Q2 2018, 827 projects raised over $8 billion in funding, compared to $3.3 billion in Q1 2018, signifying a 151% overall increase.

The report indicated:

“Funds raised by EOS project account for most of this increase, they have collected $4,197,956,135 for a year-long ICO.”

According to ICORating, Europe has vaulted in front, launching 46% of all projects, while North America is leading in investment, gathering 64.67% of attracted funding. The reports also stated: “Asia-based projects showed an increase in funds raised (+20%), but a decrease in the number of projects launched (–40%).”

Institutional capital in ICO markets has also risen, while the report emphasized a “continued decline in the number of retail investors.” According to the research, this leads to an environment wherein project requirements rise, while the amount of funds raised during ICOs becomes reliant on on “how well projects cooperate with investment funds.”

The top 10 businesses by funds raised were led by financial services, blockchain infrastructure, and banking and payments, which represent more than $1 billion in raised assets. Financial services led all other businesses both in the amount of funds gained, and the number of projects.

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