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Invstr Introduces Cryptocurrency Index




Invstr has introduced a cryptocurrency index for their platform, that lets users to follow cryptocurrency markets.

This is according to a press release on February 6.

Invstr’s crypto index allows users to monitor price fluctuations of the crypto market and make price comparisons of particular cryptocurrency pairs. The index will also include a wide range of digital asset categories, that includes asset, payment and utility tokens.

Cryptocurrencies on the app will be evaluated every quarter, which will allow for the addition of newer and steady cryptocurrencies to remain on the app while taking away suspended or unstable cryptos from the index.

Some of the cryptocurrencies available for checking on the Invstr app include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and EOS.

Derhalli said that the index will allow retail investors to asses the influence crypto investments will have on their portfolios. He said that conventional indexes measure sway on the asset class, not on portfolios, and are thus no relevant to retail investors.

“Traditional indices measure impact on the asset class not an investor’s portfolio… This is not a relevant consideration for smaller investors who want to know what the impact will be on their portfolios. The Invstr Crypto Index addresses this by using weightings that optimise risk-reward based on the volatility of the constituent assets.”

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