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Man Claiming to Have Invented Bitcoin Faces $10 Billion Lawsuit




The man who claims to have created bitcoin is facing a massive $10 billion lawsuit in Florida.

Craig Wright, who also claims to be behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym in May 2016, is taking on a lawsuit that is being brought forth by the brother of Dave Kleiman, who Wright claims to have aided in the development of bitcoin during its infancy stages.

Wright succeeded in convincing bitcoin community members Jon Matonis and Gavin Andresen of his claim about the creation of the world’s first widely used cryptocurrency.

However, the Australian balked at offering cryptographic proof of his assertion for the entire world after a media storm that involved a PR agency.

The foundation for this new lawsuit is that Wright falsified signatures and backdated documents in a bid to acquire billions of dollars worth of bitcoin and intellectual property that were said to be held by Wright and Kleiman.

Court documents claim Wright utilized a computer-generated font to forge documents with Kleiman’s signature.

The $10 Billion lawsuit against Craig Wright asserts Wright used a computer-generated font called Otto to forge Dave Kleiman’s signature and afterwards, get hundreds of thousands of bitcoins.

It is however, unknown just how much bitcoin Wright is said to have taken from Kleiman.

The suit reads:

“To accomplish this scheme, he drafted and backdated at least three contracts to create a paper trail purporting to document that many of Dave’s bitcoins and IP rights were to be transferred, sold, and/or returned to himself.”

As of this writing, Wright has offered less-than-cryptographic proof that he is indeed the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, there are many signs that this is nothing but a fabrication.

According to a blog post by Bitcoin security firm WizSec, this lawsuit may weaken the strained connection between Wright and Satoshi.

After examining the lawsuit filing, WizSec’s Kim Nilsson uncovered many of the Bitcoin addresses in the suit were never possessed by Kleiman or Wright. In fact, they are publicly known addresses that hold large amounts of bitcoin.

“This isn’t some grand conspiracy of having stolen a million bitcoins, it’s some guy browsing a ‘blockchain rich list’, picking out a couple of addresses at random and saying ‘I own those’ for whatever reasons, while offering no evidence except for some clumsy document backdating. These claims would never have gotten past an actual specialist,” explained Nilsson in a blog post.

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