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Microsoft Makes Cloud-Based Azure Blockchain Kit Available




American software corporation Microsoft has made available a serverless blockchain-powered Azure development kit.

This is according to an announcement that was published earlier this week.

The new product called the “Azure Blockchain Development Kit” supposedly bolsters the competences of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Workbench. It has features like off-chain identity and data, monitoring, and messaging application programming interfaces (API) in a format that can be utilized to work on blockchain-based apps.

The blog post indicated that the initial release would focus on three core objectives, which are “connecting interfaces, integrating data and systems, and deploying smart contracts and blockchain networks.”

The product also claims to allow individuals, organizations, and devices to link to a blockchain via user interfaces. Microsoft says that the development kit has SMS and voice interfaces, Internet of Things (IoT) device integration, support for mobile clients, bots, virtual assistants, and other related solutions.

In terms of smart contract interaction, Microsoft put in Workbench integration scenarios into the development kit in areas such as the legacy apps and protocols, data, Software as a Service (SaaS), and registries, that produce a custom registry and registry item smart contracts.

Microsoft has also launched a whitepaper called “DevOps for Blockchain Smart Contracts,” describing how to use the development kit for blockchain-based apps in particular business environments.

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