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Parity Technologies Solves Node Vulnerability Issue




Ethereum blockchain infrastructure developer Parity Technologies went through a security compromise that needed nodes to conduct a crucial update, the company declared in a blog post just recently.

Parity, which is a common technology stack for Ethereum users, announced it had received word of a loophole that would allow an attacker to shut down nodes operating its client.

“On February 3rd, we received several reports that an attacker can send a specially-crafted RPC request to a public Parity Ethereum node (any version pre 2.2.9-stable and pre 2.3.2-beta) and that node will crash,” officials recapped.

On social media, Parity established it had released a patch to repair the vulnerability in a matter of hours, with nodes operating the infected versions nonetheless required to update their software.

“While the vulnerability only directly affects Parity Ethereum nodes that serve JSONRPC as a public service (e.g., Infura, [MyEtherWallet], MyCrypto, etc), we recommend everyone to update their nodes immediately,” a tweet said.

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