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Razer Introduces Token-Based Loyalty System and Desktop Miner




Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has redesigned its native virtual currencies and loyalty system and introduced a desktop mining app.

This is according to a blog post published just recently.

Established in 2005, Razer has become a foremost gaming hardware and software manufacturer in the United States, Europe, and China. The company’s software platform has over 50 million users. In the first six months of 2018, Razer’s revenues were at $274.2 million.

Razer has remodeled its native reward system and virtual credits Razer zGold and Razer zSilver. Introduced in 2017, the virtual currencies have gained more than 5 million users, according to the post. From now on, the Razer zGold and Razer zSilver will be called Razer Gold and Razer Silver, respectively.

When it comes to Razer Silver, gamers will be rewarded with the currency for every Razer Gold spent, wherein the more Gold gamers use, the more Silver they accumulate. Users can exchange Razer Silver for products, discounts and vouchers.

The company is also introducing a desktop app called Razer SoftMiner, which makes use of idle graphics processing unit (GPU) power of users’’ devices to solve blockchain-based puzzles on the back-end. Once users set up and launch the app, they will be awarded with Razer Silver depending on the amount of time SoftMiner has been functioning, and the processing power of their PCs. As it is, SoftMiner is reportedly in beta and supports 5,000 users per week.

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