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Russian Parliament to Tackle Digital Economy Bills in Next Session




The chairman of the lower chamber of the Russian parliament — Vyacheslav Volodin — has relayed that bills on the digital economy will be of importance during their next session.

The official website of the parliament made this clear in a press release that was published earlier in the week.

During the opening of the parliament’s spring session, Volodin spoke of the digital economy bills that are being assessed, including the ones on digital financial assets, digital rights and crowdfunding. The chairman mentioned that the members of the parliament would tackle these bills in the upcoming session.

Volodin also pushed lawmakers to make a favorable legal environment for the advancement of the digital economy of the country.

The chairman also suggested the creation of working groups of experts, entrepreneurs and researchers to help hasten the advancement of new digital economy-related regulations. Volodin said that the MPs are getting ready to present more than 20 new draft bills that are related to the digital economy.

Russia has been in a bind trying to settle its bill on digital assets throughout last year, with the final version getting a lot of criticism from members of the industry. The draft bill for crypto legislation — which did not have definitions for core crypto concepts, such as mining and cryptocurrencies themselves — was eventually returned to the first reading stage.

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