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Gaming and Mining combined with one pc !



The Russian firm, Crypto Technology, launched a new hybrid PC ‘Cashbox X-Gaming’ a week ago that mines for cryptocurrencies when not being used.

The PC is a hybrid machine, which is intended to be a ground-breaking gaming PC and mines cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Technology guarantees a quarter ETH of monthly wage for gamers who want to mine when their computer is not in use.

The low-end design, estimated at $2,200 USD offers a hash-rate of 106 MH/s and goes all the way up to 181 MH/s.

Anton Sobin, Crypto Technology’s CEO announced that sales will not be limited to the Russian market: “We are focused on developing the mining sector in Russia, and therefore we try to make the equipment available to everyone. The gaming model will allow users who are not ready for serious investments to try mining and understand the specifics of this exciting and profitable crypto sphere.”

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