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Salesforce Gets Patent for Blockchain Anti-Spam Solution




Software company Salesforce has won a patent to distinguish spam emails with the use of blockchain technology.

The patent filing was published on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website earlier this week.

Salesforce offers its cleints a cloud-based mailing platform, patented a solution that makes for the recognition of whether an initial email was altered while being sent. Additionally, the blockchain-driven initiative could help bolster the current filters that often flop when distinguishing between spam and regular emails, such as promo letters.

As discussed in the technical part of the document, to guarantee the authenticity of the message, the first email message server would document a selected element of the current message into a block to get other nodes’ approval. When the second server gets the message, it assesses the blockchain record to find out whether the data has been switched. If the two messages match, the email is marked as wanted. If the content has indeed been modified, the mail is directed to the spam folder.

Although the patent particularly tackles the mailing platform solution, Salesforce said that blockchain could also resolve issues with the authenticity of medical records, educational transcripts, deeds, property rights, and legal documents.

Other companies in the United States have been filing patents for a number of blockchain solutions. International Business Machines Corporation, or IBM, is considered to be the biggest providers of blockchain-related patent technologies. IBM has already filed 89 blockchain patents by August 31, topped only by Chinese giant Alibaba with 90 patent applications.

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