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Square’s Cash App Blocks Account of Gab Founder Andrew Torba



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The personal account of the founder of the provocative social media site Gab, Andrew Torba, suffered a double black eye as Square’s Cash App has apparently blocked it.

The move was reported right after Gab proclaimed that the company had sent an email to its users endorsing Cash App and Bitcoin (BTC). In a tweet, Gab declared that it has sent over 850,000 emails to its users, introducing them to “free speech money: Bitcoin.”

The letter also indicated that Gab also directly suggests and evidently links to Square’s Cash App for transactions with BTC. The firm also says it has started accepting BTC for its GabPro premium service.

However, in a tweet sent a few minutes later, Gab reported that Cash App had blocked the personal account of Torba, Gab’s founder. About twenty minutes later, Gab further tweeted:

“Yes, we know who owns Square. We realize our accounts have been blocked for unknown reasons.”

It wasn’t too long ago that Gab proclaimed it had began making use of the Cash App to transact and obtain BTC donations after its corporate account on primary United States crypto exchange Coinbase was supposedly closed. Right before that, Gab had also been reportedly prohibited both by the Apple and Google app stores.

Launched in 2016, Gab touts itself as a “free speech social media platform,” but is routinely critiqued as a “favored platform” for alt- or far-right views. Gab got heavily scrutinized last year after it was reported that the man behind the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Robert Gregory Bowers, had posted on Gab signifying his intent to conduct the crime.

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