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YouTube Channel + Social Media Management – Dash Brazil Community’ 


We vote YES!


1. Summary



2. Owner

2.1 Owner’s presentation

  • After several months of a long approval process, Mr. AMBRISSI was nominated and approved to be a Moderator and a News Editor at


  • This website is the largest Crypto-News website in Latin America, the website is in Portuguese and has 2-Million-page access per month.


  • Starting February 1st, Mr. AMBRISSI is allowed to publish
    1news/video per day on the website related to Dash Digital Cash.



2.2 Owner history and track record 

Rod AMBRISSI founder of Dash Brazil

  •  AMBRISSI is the founder of Dash Brazil;


  • The host of Dash Dinheiro Digital in Brazil;


  • He was nominated and approved to be a Moderator and a News Editor at


  • He started his YouTube channel in June 2017 and has published more than
    200 videos in less than a year;


  • His YouTube channel has reached 9,700 followers and has generated

3. Investment opportunity summary

a-   Concept

Develop, create and execute a series of 8 Videos in Portuguese (1 per week) introducing Dash for this specific market. Also create 8 video Interviews in Portuguese Via Skype with current users, early adopters and another member involved in Dash or another cryptocurrency.

As the cryptocurrency market in Brazil is very much behind compared to the US / EU market, there is much to be covered.

b-  Goals

Explain and promote Dash to the Brazilian market in Portuguese in order to expand the use of Dash and motivate this specific market to adopt Dash, both as users and as merchants.

c-   Offer

  • 8 videos about Dash all with a common theme (See Themes list below) averaging 10 minutes each in length. Every Tuesday.
  • Skype Interview with 8 guests to talk about how they got into Crypto Currency and what are the comparison and benefits of Dash.

Episode Themes: (Open to suggestions and order of appearance)

  • What is Dash?
  • The beginning of bitcoin and the decentralized Cryptocurrency Idea and how we compare it to Dash
  • Is there a Maximum Coin Supply in Dash?
  • How to Open a Dash Wallet?
  • Difficulties of Buying Dash and other Digital Coins in Brazil.
  • How to use Shapeshift and other Exchange Market tools with Dash
  • Explanation about instant, Private and secure Dash Network
  • Where to Buy Dash?
  • How to start mining Dash.
  • Dash website explanation also Forum and Central
  • How to become a merchant and its benefits
  • Team, Development and Project Information
  • Skype Interview with Davis Dos Santos / MMA Fighter to talk about the impact of Dash Sponsorship in his career (in Portuguese)
  • Interview with Daniel Diaz (Portuguese / Spanish) to talk about his recent visit to Brazil during the 2nd Bitcoin Summit at CoinBR and the direction the Brazilian Market and Latin American Market are going.



Canal YouTube:




e-   Technology

  • Laptop – MacBook Pro 17”
  • Laptop – MacBook Pro 15”
  • Video Encoder using Wirecast
  • Camera – Sony Alpha
  • Mic – USB Badaax
  • Editing Suite – Avid Media Composer


f-    Social Media Activity and YouTube Activity numbers


4. Funding scheme

4.1 Requested funds

Monthly amount:  16 Dash (3747 USD)
Completed payments:   4 totaling in 64 Dash (2 Month remaining)
Total  64 Dash

4.2 Funding schedule

Payment type: One-time payment
Start date: 17th February 2018
End date: 14th August 2018
Final voting:   30th June 2018



5. Votes Statistics                                                                                                                         

As of June 30th 2018

6. Benchmark and Direct Competitors      

YouTube Channel Followers Views Target Registration

(Dash Dinheiro Digital)

9.7 K 350 K Portuguese community June 16, 2017
Jerry BANFIELD 239 K 22 M French community May 31, 2011
HASHEUR 81K 3.3 M English-speaking community July 31, 2016
TENGO DINERO 37K 3.8 M Hispanic community Sep 15, 2014



6. Recommendation

Upside Downside
  • There is a demographic in Portuguese speaking countries who are interested in learning about and embracing Dash.


  • Dash specific content in Portuguese on social media will increase the engagement and use of Dash.


  • Requiring low investment.
  • The budget is not detailed enough.




Based on the proposal description and the need to promote DASH in this specific market, we think that this funding request is very reasonable and has a great upside for the Dash Community (More visibility, win business…).

We conclude then that there’s a great potential in this investment opportunity.



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