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Athena Adds Bitcoin Cash Support, Now Supports Three Cryptocurrencies



United States-based cryptocurrency ATM network Athena Bitcoin has announced that bitcoin cash is already available on all of its machines.

This marks the third cryptocurrency that is now being supported by the ATM network. The other two are bitcoin and litecoin.

Athena machines offer services for both the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. This means American bitcoin cash holders have gained access not just to a new handy means to increase their cache of the cryptocurrency but also the capability to easily exchange it for fiat just in case they need to make a transaction in shops that do not accept credit or crypto.

The company told clients that bitcoin cash is a fully independent currency that features a varied price, development team, and community compared with bitcoin, and that they would, therefore need to use a bitcoin cash supporting wallet for purchasing the cryptocurency.

At the moment, the Athena Bitcoin wallet does not support BCH just yet, but the company pledged that it would be soon after an upcoming update.

“It’s heeere! #BitcoinCash is available at all ATM’s in our network! Come and get a piece of #Satoshi’s vision! #BCH,” the firm said in a post on Twitter.

Athena has 55 ATMs in eight different American states. These are Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and California.

They also have one machine in Yucatán Mexico at a location called Lapa Lapa Altabrisa Mérida. It features in locations that provide maximum convenience for average, every day people such as gas station owners, bodegas and pawn shops.

Its ATMs are made to allow users to buy cryptocurrency even without a bank account, debit card or credit card.

The company vows people can buy cryptocurrency for the machines in as little as 90 seconds with the right crypto wallet on their smartphone.

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