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Bitcoin Cash Worth More Than $30 Billion !



Bitcoin Cash Worth More Than $30 Billion !

The head of China-based bitcoin mining company, Canoe Pool, has boldly announced Bitcoin cash is bitcoin now.dzLi Ang — the chief of Canoe Pool — made the proclamation and it comes during one of the biggest movement of capital in the nascent asset class.

Billions are being transferred to the crypto market and it’s apparent where its destination is. Bitcoin cash recently hit a record high price of over $800 last Friday but has since doubled. Hitting a high of $1,856 according to statistics made available by CoinMarketCap. Set at that figure, bitcoin cash is now assessed at more than $30 billion, surpassing ethereum as the second-place standing in the market.The development comes after the collective ruling by a group of businesses and mining pools to halt a bid to amend the rules of the bitcoin software.

Dubbed Segwit2x, or “2x” by some corners, the endeavor would have raised bitcoin’s block size — a measure by which its transaction volume can be determined. While bitcoin’s developers extolled the deferral, miners and entrepreneurs felt otherwise as they felt that it is a decision that would spark others to transfer to blockchains that are more sympathetic to their ideals. And if it was vague at the time which choices would curry favor, bitcoin cash is already proving the primary beneficiary.

According to figures from, at roughly 4:30 UTC on Sunday, the total volume of mining power supporting the bitcoin cash blockchain exceeded that of the bitcoin blockchain. Jiang Zhuoer, the founder of bitcoin mining pool BTC.Top, remarked that “2x fans” are transferring both funds and mining hardware to bitcoin cash. “BTC is going to die,” Zhuoer bluntly said. Inspired by a sudden shift in market outlook, bitcoin cash followers have become more confident in their remarks.

Bolstered by the rise of the value of the protocol, which after opening at $4 billion back in August, hasn’t really resolved some of its more critical open questions. In spite of that, Jake Smith, the general manager of cryptocurrency web portal, strengthened his resolve on the idea that the new investment dollars are more than a speculative migration in the market soon to pass. Smith stressed that with the price boost bitcoin cash’s value proposition can only now be bolstered by what he branded as its peak performance increases over the bitcoin blockchain.

“I think a positive feedback loop has been created. This is waking people up to the shaky foundations BTC is built on,” Smith stated. Smith went on to define the emblematic doomsday situation projected by those backing larger blocks — that bitcoin’s transaction backlog will continue growing. Its transactions will become more costly, and that these two elements would lower user experience and influence users to migrate. Other supporters like bitcoin cash developer Juan Garavaglia characterized the day’s price movements to “better planning” by those using the protocol.

“Bitcoin Core is unable to execute, has a poor roadmap [and is] disconnected with market needs,” Garavaglia said. “We can execute, we have smooth coordination with key market actors and we address market needs.”

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