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Most Fabulous Crypto-party Of The Year



Organized by Krypton Events in collaboration with CoinMarketCap and Cryptovest, the NEXT BLOCK Conference will be held in Lisbon the 9th of November 2018.

“Blockchain initially revolutionized the concept of money, introducing an unprecedented form of online payments and storage of value, but it didn’t stop at that. 2018 is the year of the security tokens and tokenized assets. The industry is moving from “simple” utility or payment tokens to a focus on tokens with underlying assets and more complex ownership rights.

Blockchain startups need to step up their game to play in the blockchain property space and make meaningful contributions to the ongoing evolution of property.” Read in the event’s website

The focus will be this year on crypto regulatory frameworks of various countries, the blockchain, and the reduction of the volatility of tokenized shares and bonds.

The NEXT BLOCK stresses that after the conference, will be held the most fabulous crypto-party of 2018.




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