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South Korea Begins Training Course to Make “Blockchain Specialists”



South Korea has started a six-month training course to transform forty-two applicants into “blockchain specialists.”

This is according to local media reports.

With the goal of raising the availability of proficient professionals in South Korea’s nascent blockchain economy, the course is the outcome of a three-way collaboration between the Ministry of Technology and ICT, the Korean Standards Association (KSA) and the Hong Kong-based blockchain and IoT startup Waltonchain.

The course will put the emphasis on training participants for “immediate” employment upon their finishing in January 2019.

“We will provide a one-stop support for employment and business start-ups as well as education for the professional training of employees, and we will strengthen the building of a healthy blockchain ecosystem,” Wang Sang Hyeong, the secretary general of the Waltonchain was quoted as saying.

The development is part of a huge investment program from the South Korean government which goes past 2023. As previously reported, investment in blockchain and other related innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) is getting ready to go past $4.4 billion next year.

A wide-reaching government-backed youth training project is also underway, with officials stressing the need to fill gaps in the nascent innovation sector while at the same time dealing with the issue of unemployment.

In November, a state-enabled hackathon would give away prizes to teams who show off fresh use cases for the technology.

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