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Expedia Ceases Accepting Bitcoin as Forms of Payment



Expedia, the online travel agency that was a pioneer in accepting bitcoin, has ceased accepting the cryptocurrency.

According to a report seen on, a representative of Expedia confirmed that the firm would no longer accept bitcoin for hotel or flight bookings and that it was looking at other payment means. The spokesperson added that the company has apologized for inconveniences caused by this development.

Expedia had reportedly been up against persistent problems involving bitcoin payments. This includes customers’ unhappiness regarding the timing out of the payment process, a hectic refund process, and some clients getting shocked to find out that they needed to pay with their credit card after they had already paid in bitcoin.

Some corners have postulated that Expedia halted accepting bitcoin because Coinbase, which is Expedia’s bitcoin payment processor, launched a new merchant tool that modified its custodial merchant service.

Back in March, Reddit announced it wouldn’t accept bitcoin payments any longer for its premium membership program, Reddit Gold, primarily because of Coinbase’s new merchant platform.

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